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Jaguar C-X75 Concept: Green Is The New Black

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Click here to see more pictures of the Jaguar C-X75 concept car

We’d go with the obvious “cat’s outta the bag” pun here, but that’s offensive to how insanely sexy the C-X75 concept is. Debuted by Jaguar at the Paris Motor Show, the C-X75 has no plans for production, but will probably offer hints at future styling cues from Ian Callum and his gang of metal molders.


The C-X75 honors Jaguar’s storied history, particularly nodding in the direction of the classic XJ220 and XJ13, and points towards the future, particularly nodding in the direction of four 195-horsepower engines. Hell. Yes.

Should the C-X75 ever pull up next to you at a stoplight and you finish picking your jaw up off the pavement to think what’s going on inside that beaut, here’s the skinny: the C-X75 has four 195-horsepower electric engines—one at each wheel—for a grand total of 780 ponies. A pair of engines will power the batteries. Yes, this baby is also easy on the environment.

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