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Jimmy Raye: San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye Fired

Jimmy Raye, the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator, was fired today. Possible reasons for his termination could include the 49ers 0-3 record, inability to win games and continued ability to lose games.

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Jimmy Raye’s firing comes a day after San Francisco was beat by the Kansas City Chiefs 31-10.


This season, Jimmy Raye has coached his 49ers offense to scoring 38 points. That’s the second lowest sum in the league, behind only the Carolina Panthers.

Raye has more than 30 years of coaching, and this was just his second at the helm of San Francisco’s offense.

San Francisco had light at the end of the tunnel and was thought to be the team to win its division, the NFC West, this year. But it’s hard to do that when you, ya know, can’t win a game.

With Jimmy Raye’s firing, 49ers quarterback coach Mike Johnson will take over offensive coordinator duties. Jason Michaels, an offensive assistant, will step into Johnson’s shoes as QB coach.

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