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Gov. Paterson on SNL: David Paterson Guests on Saturday Night Live

Gov. David Paterson, a man that has been the butt of many jokes on “Saturday Night Live,” made a surprise appearance on the show over the weekend.

Fred Armisen, the Long Island actor who portrays him as a clueless governor who loves to rag on New Jersey and often bumps into things, was mocking the Paterson during “Weekend Update” when the governor appeared and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Paterson compared Saturday Night Live to Albany saying “There are a lot of characters. It’s funny for 10 minutes, and then you just want it to be over.” He also criticized the fact that the show often mocks the fact that he is partially blind. “Jokes that degrade people solely for the fact that they have disabilities are sophomoric and stupid,” he said.


Overall, Paterson kept his sense of humor intact. When asked by Seth Meyers if his other senses were heightened due to his visual impairment, he answered “just by my sense of smell, I can tell that there are 15 people in this audience from New Jersey.”

Paterson is not running for reelection in November.

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