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Interview: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck wasn’t just into accessorizing his weaponry as a creatively costumed masked bank robber in The Town. He was apparently into wearing quite a number of hats as well, as combo director, co-writer and star of the movie. The former J-Lo boy toy and current family man hooked up with a different Jennifer, weighed in during this interview on that particular multi-tasking ordeal, in some ways maybe not unlike the daunting challenge of robbing a bank. And which also included references to gray hairs; plugging brother Casey’s  I’m Still Here opening simultaneously, and not without a few gray hair inducing scandals of its own; and how Ben may have gone out of his way to avoid any kiss of death, Gigli style real life romantic couples in his movie.

Q: Now about your different look in The Town

BEN AFFLECK: You’re asking about the gray hair, aren’t you! Yes, I have a little bit of gray in my hair. It’s present!


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Q: Well, I heard that your brother Casey could be giving you a few gray hairs right now, and that he may also be causing a lot of other people to get gray hairs, too with his movie about Joaquin Phoenix. Any thoughts?

BA: Well, as you might imagine…I’m not the best person to ask! But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, if you go and buy a ticket! But Casey is a piercingly smart guy. And he and I are supposed to start writing a movie together. I’m told! So yeah. Look for more gray hair!

Q: And is it true that you were once told you’re too tall to be a leading man?

BA: I’ve been told so many ugly things! So…I’ll just take your word for it!

Q: Did you at any point consider hiring your wife Jennifer to play your girlfriend in the movie?

BA: My wife is a great actress. And I would be profoundly lucky to work with her. And if I could pick a woman to work with me, it would be my wife. She’s magnificent.

But something tells me…that people don’t want to see real life couples in movies!

Q: And what about your new direction in a movie, with The Town?

BA: This is the movie I wanted to make. And there’s some comfort in that. Succeed or fail, I know that it was my own work and my own direction that I wanted to go in. And that this is sort of who I am as a creative person.

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