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Letters to the Press: For the Week of Sept. 23 – Sept. 29

Tesla Rocks!


This place should be an historic land mark [“Tesla’s Last Stand,” Sept. 16]. It should be preserved! Forget sticking cheap budget housing on this land. This place should be refurbished and brought back to glory. That tunnel should be dug out and preserved. Even if you were to put housing on land like this, it would take millions of dollars and multiple years to undo the ecological damage; for that kind of price tag and timeline, why not just make it into a museum? The Agfa Corporation said it won’t donate it to a non-profit organization, but if someone with some money who gave a crap about the history of science bought this land and turned it into a museum it would be quite the attraction, not to mention possibly being able to finish Tesla’s work, which itself would be priceless. Breaks my heart.

Press reader, via e-mail

Wiccan Offended by O’Donnell

As a Wiccan, I find Delaware U.S Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s “brief” explanation of her dabbling in witchcraft rather peculiar, if nothing else [“Bill Maher Digs Up O’Donnell ‘Witchcraft’ Clip,” Sept. 18]. O’Donnell equates her “witchcraft dabbling” with the association of misguided and questionable high school peers. This is an insult to all Wiccans and Neo-Pagans.

As a solitary practitioner, I find the comparison of “White Witches” (no ethnic pun here) and the terms “misguided/questionable” rather offensive. Wiccans honor our planet as a living, breathing being, and attune our energies with hers. “Do what ye will, but harm none” is a belief that we live by. What is so “questionable” about that? There is no evil afoot! Wicca is an Earth religion based on positive energy. Positive thoughts, positive actions, respect, love, empathy.

I am proud of who I am and what I represent. Too bad Christine O’Donnell is so uncomfortable in her own skin that she needs to play into the “conservative” mindset to get ahead in life. She made witchcraft seem so negative, when it is completely the opposite.

Blessed Be,

Eileen Scanlon Christofi, Bethpage

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