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Letters to the Press: For the Week of Sept. 9 – Sept. 15

Rehire Glenn Beck


I was offended by some unknown author’s decision to express their views in a clearly lopsided way on page six in your Sept. 2 issue in a column titled “Pink Slip, Glenn Beck.”

If the masked writer had exercised good journalism and gotten some facts, or if they even had attended this event instead of scanning the Internet and accepting the rumors and innuendos of the uninformed, they might have realized the readership profile they were offending with this rant. Maybe that is the goal?

The Glenn Beck event in Washington, D.C. (and I have pictures and reports from numerous friends and families who attended this gathering who claimed the tone, respect, peacefulness, politeness of the crowd was refreshing and made the trip worthwhile and memorable) mostly was attended by Christians and (gasp!) conservatives, or moderate liberals who voted for Obama that are now watching the middle of the “bell curve” move left of them!

I am not surprised that they are very unhappy, feel lied to and betrayed. Witness the president’s Gallup Approval Rating at a paltry 46 percent. Who is “over there” on the 54 percent side? Yes, just a few of us voters and your readers and subscribers such as myself. Nationally, we’re called Christians from a religious demographic it seems. More importantly, we are voters this November. And to this point, the hundreds of thousands who attended and were pleased with what Glenn Beck had to say. Even in his extremism, he said what needed to be said and heard.

Nearly 100 million citizens—68 million Catholics, 16 million Southern Baptists, 10 million Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—are religiously aligned with a Christian morality and upbringing that want a government to be ethically and morally aligned with these family values as our forefathers had intended.

While Mr./Mrs. Anonymous is calling, weakly screaming/ranting out from a cubicle somewhere on Long Island for Glenn Beck to be fired for the betterment of all journalism, I have a personal and equally simple message for the Long Island Press when the bill comes in: YOU’RE CANCELLED!

Thomas J. Lynch, Miller Place

The Editor responds: Mr. Lynch, that was a nice ending, but we’re a free publication, so you may be waiting a while for that bill to come.

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