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Top 10 Eco-Oriented Green Words on Urban Dictionary


As LOL becomes normal in everyday conversation and things like frozen yogurt are abbreviated to fro-yo, Oxford English Dictionary has launched a website to keep old words alive. But for better, or worse, as old words die, new words are born…

VEGEPREFARIAN: Someone who is for the most part a vegetarian, but won’t refuse a bit of meat now and then. They might also opt for certain meals without meat.


Sally won’t eat that steak, she’s a vegetarian. Sally: Oh, no it’s okay. I can eat it. I’m a vegepreferian.

RECYCLEDELIC: Adjective used when describing something old repurposed into something awesome, amazing and wicked-smart new. Description for when one finds a cool new use for things that would normally end up in a landfill. Particularly useful when discussing thrift store fashion.  Girl, your old tank top tote bag is recycledelic. Making electricity out of cow manure is recycledelic.

CONGREENIENT: The practice of recycling, or being green, only when convenient. A person who only recycles when it is convenient to do so. I would have recycled my Fiji water bottle, but my plastic bin was full. I guess I’m just congreenient.

ENVIROLICIOUS: Organically grown and tasty! These home grown tomatoes are envirolicious!

VEGESEXUAL: Prefering partners with vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. I could never kiss a carnivore, I’m vegesexual.

GREENGASM: The warm and fuzzy feeling one gets after becoming ecologically enlightened; usually induced by listening to a ruddy south-westerner talk about off-the-grid construction, having an Australian permaculturist walking you through a food forest, or watching a Discovery Channel film about nature. I just had a greengasm after learning how to build an earthship from Dennis Weaver! It was great until he made me think about global warming…

ENVIRONMENTAL-INDIE-HIPSTER: The perfect balance of everything a college student should encompass. An environmental indie hipster recycles, doesn’t eat meat, dances wildly to non-mainstream bands, hangs out in coffee shops while refusing to drink anything but fair-trade or rain forest certified coffee, eats local/organic food, buys all their clothes from thrift stores, and at night tends to dance to funky music while by day takes university classes on how to save the world. Environmental indie hipster: Starbucks sucks because it is corporate bullshit. Non environmental indie hipster: But I love the double, mocha frappachinos! Environmental indie hipster: u suck.

ECOBLOCKER: A person who gets to drive in the carpool lane because they have a hybrid vehicle yet insists on driving slower than everyone else. This is especially maddening for motorcyclists. Sorry I was late but I got stuck behind an ecoblocker the entire way from LA.

RECYCLOPATH: n. 1) A person who militantly engages in recycling and is so hostile to simply throwing away garbage, it borders on mental illness. 2) Pejorative for an extreme environmentalist. Leigh pees in a bucket and uses it to water and fertilize her garden–what a recyclopath!

VEGANGELICAL: A fundamentalist vegan who goes around proselytizing vegetarians and omnivores. A vegan intolerant of any other diet, or anyone who adheres to a diet other than a vegan diet. I was eating a Baconator and she got all Vegangelical on my ass.

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