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Justin Bieber: @justinbieber Tweets Enemy’s Phone Number

First a tattoo, now this. Justin Bieber is using his Twitter account to show his rebellious side–and we like it.

The tween sensation apparently had some beef over the weekend with an acquaintance, so he took matters into his own hands and decided to settle the score like every other American teen: he took it to the Tweets.

Just shy of midnight on Saturday, a message sprung from Bieber’s verified account said “everyone call me 248-XXX-(Redacted) :) or text.” Except there was one catch–the number posted was not his, but rather a teen from Detroit.


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The post was removed a few minutes later, but that was plenty of time for tens of thousands of Bieber’s rabid fans to lock the number into their speed dial. Floods of calls and texts came in to, Kevin Kristopik, the owner of the phone number that Bieber shouted to the Twitterverse.

About an hour later, Kristopik fired back: “Thanks for giving out my # @justinbieber.” (Kristopik has since deleted his twitter account.) After receiving 10,000 texts, he posted a video on YouTube displaying his phone blowing up with calls and texts from Bieber’s 4.5 million followers.

Rumor has it the Bieb was exacting revenge on Kristopik for hacking into his longtime friend Ryan Butler’s account and stealing Bieber’s phone number.

The teen megastar is usually squeaky-clean ad nauseum, so its cool to see him acting like –(gasp)– a teenager!

Perhaps his new-found Twitter bromance with Kanye West has had a negative influence on the Bieb? After all, his is the only newsfeed the rap star follows.

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