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Little Palm Island: Home Of The Eat, Pray Little Palm Island Vacation

Javier Bardem not included with hotel stay

So you just saw Eat, Pray, Love. Was it good? Maybe it made you want to leave your husband, pack your stuff, head to Europe and have tons of sex with Javier Bardem. Maybe you realize that’s impossible.

But there is a place to get a sampling of Eat, Pray, Love, and that’s on Little Palm Island.


Just off the coast of Florida in the Keys, Little Palm Island has been home to (per the site’s “About” page) “presidents, high profile celebrities and savvy travelers alike.”

It’s also home to the “Eat, Pray Little Palm Island” vacation, which includes dinner and cooking classes with the resort’s chef (Eat), daily yoga and guided meditation (Pray) and a five-night stay in a bungalow suite (clearly time for plenty of Love).

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