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Snack Local: 7 Treats Born & Raised on Long Island

Eating local doesn’t only apply to fruits and vegetables. Buying foods produced close to home reduces shipping pollution and keeps dollars in the local economy. So next time you wander down the aisles of your local supermarket, here are a few to look for:


In 1987, Robert Ehrlich, commodities trader turned Robert’s American Gourmet Food entrepreneur, created the cheesy rice and corn puffs we know today as Pirate’s Booty and it all started in Sea Cliff. Eliminating fryers and trans fats from all products, the Pirate’s Booty line is all-natural, baked—and really, really good.


KOZY SHACK, Hicksville
Puddings, flans and ready grains. Since 1967, Kozy Shack has offered some of the most sinful, ready-to-eat refrigerated desserts. It’s a family-owned company in business since 1967. Kozy Shack began in Mineola and in 1994 relocated to Hicksville. By 1995, the Shack opened up a second manufacturing plant in California, and by 2000 opened its third in Ireland. What began as a neighborhood deli serving homemade rice pudding has turned into an international—and delicious—major dessert manufacturer.

Yes, those giant yellow bags of movie theater popcorn were born and raised right here on Long Island. Just outside of Northup Grumman, a different kind of history is in the making. See, Lily Popcorn is truly the real deal—it was the original vendor in 1946 for move theaters.

APPLE & EVE, Port Washington
Making pure—not sugar-laden—juices is what they do and they’ve been doing it on Long Island for more than 35 years. In 1975, Apple & Eve launched their very first product, Apple & Eve Pure Unfiltered Natural Apple Juice. Three years later, they introduced the first 100 percent cranberry juice blend in the U.S. and followed it up with the first juice box in 1982. Three decades later, this small, family-owned-and-operated company has grown to dozens of employees and more than 100 different juice products in various packages and sizes.

Entenmann’s, a former family-run business on Long Island, has grown immensely and gone through a few hand changes. But the company still has some roots on Long Island. While many of its products are produced elsewhere, the Brentwood factory still churns out fresh pies and danish daily.

Yes, those even bigger giant bags of popcorn were also born and raised right here on Long Island. Miniman also churns out fresh cotton candy, candy apples, gourmet apples, ice cream and Italian ices.

OAK TREE DIARY, East Northport
And because no Oreo cookie is complete without a glass of milk…and maybe a glass of OJ, we have to include Oak Tree on the list. The last remaining dairy on Long Island, Oak Tree not only   puts out hormone-free milk, whether in Dairy Barn stores or your local supermarket, they also distribute 100 percent pure orange juice.

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