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Matt Simmons Dead: Oil Man and Energy Investment Banker Dead at 67

Matthew Simmons, an investment banker who started out in the oil industry and later became an advocate for offshore wind energy, died Sunday in Maine. He was 67.

Matthew Simmons, oil expert and founder of the Ocean energy Institute, died suddenly in Maine on Sunday. He was 67.

According to an e-mailed statement from the Ocean Energy Institute, Simmons “passed away suddenly.” No further details on his death have been released. The Maine-based Institute was founded by Simmons in 2007 to explore opportunities for harvesting energy from the seas. He retired in June to devote his time to the think tank.


Simmons founded Texas-based Simmons & Company International, which grew into one of the largest investment banking companies serving the energy industry. He is survived by his wife, Ellen, and their five daughters.

Simmons wrote the book, Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, which detailed his theory that the world’s oil supply was running out.

Simmons recently made headlines with his outspoken criticism of the BP Gulf oil spill, telling CNBC that scientists measured a much larger oil leak than stated and suggesting using a small nuke to kill the leaking well.

Maine Gov. John Baldacci described Simmons as “an innovative thinker who pushed ideas that have the potential to yield a more environmentally and economically sustainable future.”

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