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Kara DioGuardi, Ellen Degeneres: American Idol Shakeup

The 10th season of American Idol is set to premiere on January 12, 2011, with a judging panel that looks like it was shaken and shuffled by the new iPod nano.

First Simon Cowell leaves after nine seasons to start a new talent show for Fox, then Ellen Degeneres announces that she will not see a second season, and now Kara DioGuardi’s judgeship is on shaky ground.

The remaining two "American Idol" judges Kara DioGuardi, left, and Randy Jackson. Rumors are now circulating that DioGuardi has been fired.


Ellen, with a reported five-year contract, joined the show as a replacement for Paula Abdul when the singer straight up left after eight seasons. Now, the comedian-talk show host tells producers that the show is no longer a right fit for her. She announced her departure on Thursday, July 29.

With the panel down to Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi, rumors are circulating that Kara will be or already has been fired. Fox has reportedly not announced whether or not she will return.

The future for Idol is not yet certain, but reports are saying that the show is bringing back its original three-judge format. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler will allegedly staff the panel.

If the deal with Fox follows through, Lopez will be the replacement for DioGuardi. Otherwise, DioGuardi may get a second chance at holding onto her seat. TMZ, however, says that the deal between Lopez and execs has been finalized.

Steven Tyler, the third judge to staff the Idol panel, is the frontman and lead singer of Aerosmith. Speculation suggests he may be replacing Cowell.

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