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Letters to the Press: For the Week of July 29 – August 4

Hydrofracking: A Bad Joke

The article “Fracking Around In New York” [July 22] is the best summation of what’s wrong with our country: politicians, like Dick Cheney, the “Halliburton Loophole,” letting oil and gas companies do what they will, and too many people still believing fossil fuels are the answer to our energy woes. Rather than switching to renewables, which would truly create thousands of jobs in the green sector, these people accept the myths propagated by those in control. The renewable age is here. It does not buy dire consequences as fracking will. But the real trick is to get people to understand how we’ve been bamboozled and to ask our representatives to build a renewable infrastructure now. Otherwise, the joke will be more suffering and toxicity on the horizon.


Elaine Peters, Hicksville

Verizon Not Much Better Than Cable

I am an avid reader of your paper and enjoy it. I was particularly interested in your July 22 edition, where, in the “Letters To The Press,” there were vociferous complaints regarding no service on Cablevision e-mail for 24 hours.

How would you like it without landline phone service for more than 10 days? Being a senior citizen, I do not have cable, computer or any other contact other than my phone, which I deem most necessary. I have been calling Verizon daily and getting messages that the problem has been corrected, yet it is STILL OUT OF SERVICE! They tell me due to the fact I have copper cables that are worn, they are switching to fiber optics and therefore I SHOULD SIGN ON TO FiOS. How about that nerve.


B. Madison, Westbury

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