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New iMac, Magic Trackpad: Apple Announces Updated iMacs, All-New Magic Trackpad

Early this morning, Apple’s online store went down, and on a Tuesday, that can me only one thing—new products! And hours later, Apple delivered, bringing updated iMacs, a refreshed Mac Pro and the all-new Magic Trackpad.

Oh, and one more thing…a AA-battery charger!

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The new line of iMacs adds Intel’s Core i processors. The low-end configuration gains the Core i3, with the i5 and quad-core i7 hitting the mid-range and range topper, respectively. All models come with discrete ATI Radeon graphics cards. The glass screens on the iMacs now use IPS technology, which Apple first introduced in the iPad to stunning results earlier this year.

The refreshed Mac Pro literally has a dozen cores—in a single machine. Shipping next month, the updated big daddy of the Mac line will top out with a pair of Intel’s six-core chips. The “regular” four- and eight-core models are shipping immediately and pack mild speed upgrades, graphics card upgrades and the option for more storage, either via HDD or solid state drives.

The brand-spanking-new Magic Trackpad, leaked in FCC documents months ago, brings Apple’s multi-touch gesture-based input found in the trackpads on its MacBook line to the desktop front. It’s done via a thin, aluminum pad that’s about the size of a CD jewel case. It comes with support for a full range of gestures, including swipe, pinch-to-zoom and inertial scrolling made famous on the iPhone. It runs on a pair of AA batteries and connects wirelessly over BlueTooth.

And last but (not) least, a AA-battery recharger. For $29. But it does come with six rechargeable batteries.

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