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Josh Groban Calls Out Michael Lohan On Twitter

In what could be the birth of Twitter’s latest feud, singer Josh Groban claimed to have run into Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, at a deli on Thursday afternoon–smiling and with a camera crew in tow.

“Saw Michael Lohan walking into a deli smiling with a camera crew. It’s like spotting a shooting star really. Isn’t….his daughter in jail?” Groban tweeted.


Now, on any ordinary day we wouldn’t blink twice at Lohan hamming it up for the cameras, even in the wake of his daughter’s incarceration. However, Poppa Lohan recently had a run-in with the law himself, according to TMZ, who obtained a Southampton police complaint filed against Lohan earlier this week.

Lohan was charged with second degree harassment for allegedly kicking and threatening his (Ex) fiancee Katee Major as the couple fought in their Water Mill home. Lohan’s lawyer denies any violence on his part. He will be arraigned in Southampton court on August 18.

With your daughter in jail and your fiancee claiming you threatened to kill her, smiling in front of the cameras is not a wise move. Perhaps Josh is right–considering the week Lohan’s had, it may be best to lay low.

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