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BrewDog Beer: World’s Most Expensive, Served in Animal Corpses

At $765 a bottle, the Scottish brewing company, BrewDog has sold out of all 12 bottles of the 55 percent alcohol beer, that happens to be served in roadkill. Called, “The End of History,” the bottles are served in four squirrels, seven weasels and one hare.

Co-Founder James Watt told that the name of the Belgian ale comes from the title of a book, “End of History and the Last Man,” and stated, “This is to beer what democracy is to history.”

Dave Branfield/Brewdog


At 55 percent alcohol, Watt cautioned that the beer should be handled, “with care,” and is more like a whisky than a normal beer.

As for the decision to use dead animals for the bottle wrap, he thinks it’s a perfect fit for his beer.

Watt told that, “We were making such a tiny amount that we wanted to do something epic, we wanted to challenge people’s perceptions about how beer can be packaged; taxidermy helps open people’s eyes to the fact that beer doesn’t have to be made by a multi-national organization.”

Not everybody is as excited about this “epic” move to taxidermy as BrewDog, like animal rights groups who are calling the move, “terribly out of date,” and “degrading” for animals.

Watt counters this by telling, “It was all roadkill we got from a taxidermist. They are all animals that were dead anyway. We think to use dead animals in this way is much better than for them to be left to rot on the roadside.”

Bottles of the world’s strongest beer will be shipped to clients in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Italy, England and Scotland next week. “Beer was never meant to be bland, tasteless and apathetic,” reads the company’s website.

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