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Optimum OFFline: Optimum Online Webmail Down

Day two of no E-mail service for Optimum subscribers

It’s Optimum, or it’s not. For any users who have checked their Optimum Online Webmail account in the past two days, well, it’s not–and angry customers across Long Island are trying to get answers, but all most have gotten so far is a busy signal.


“All the lines were busy,” says Linda Dawes of Babylon. “I tried all day yesterday to get through and I finally got  through this morning.”


Right now, customers across Long Island, New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania who try to log on to their E-mail get a prompt asking for their password. After the password is entered, an error message that reads, “Secure Connection Failed.”

When Dawes finally got through to Optimum, nearly24 hours later–and using a business account phone number, not the residential customer service phone number–an Optimum representative said the company understood that there was a problem, that it is a server issue and that they had no idea when it was going to come back up but they are hoping it will be today.

Dawes works from home as a human resources payroll manager for a telecommunications company and her business, which involves numerous out-of-state clients, has come to a sudden halt.

“I’m here on Long Island,” says Dawes. “All my employees are either in New Hampshire, Texas, or Florida. I handle all the credit card sales for the company and I’m not receiving  any of those E-mails, so there could be sales out there that are not being processed  because I’m not getting them because the E-mail is down.”

Because Dawes has Optimum Triple Play, a combination of telephone, internet and TV service, she also was without a phone for most of Thursday. TV has not been affected by the glitch so far and Internet access has been restored. E-mail still remains down as of Friday, and customers still can’t get through to customer service.

“After trying to contact support I was disconnected twice, after a pre-recorded message explaining that the wait time is higher than normal,” says Optimum subscriber Zachary Reis. “After the message, the call disconnects.”

It’s this lack of information from Optimum that really has customers angry.

” Cablevision Optimum Online E-mail system has been completely down in the northeast for almost 24 hours with absolutely NO communication to their customers either on their website or on either of their own media outlets (Newsday and News 12),” says Optimum customer Karin Stucchio.

So, have you had any luck getting your mail today?


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