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Lohan’s Lawsuit Moves To NYC

Lindsay Lohan may consider Long Island her home, but a Manhattan judge has ruled New York City will be the home of her latest court battle.

Lohan’s lawsuit against E-Trade stemming from a Super Bowl commercial featuring a talking baby has been moved from Long Island to Manhattan by court order, per E-Trade’s request. The New York City-based brokerage said Thursday it was pleased with the ruling.


Lohan filed the lawsuit in Nassau County in March. Her lawyer said Lohan had a basis for suing in the suburbs: She still considers her mother’s Merrick house her home.

Lohan claims she was the implied target of a joke about a  “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay in the commercial. E-Trade, along with most of the free world, calls her claims meritless.

Either way, let’s hope this trip to the court room goes better than her last one.

This girl collects court dates like Justin Bieber collects rabid fans. A word of advice: talking babies should be the least of your worries, Lindsay.

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