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Teacup Pigs: Teacup Pigs Are The New Trendy Pet

Look out Puggles and Cockapoos and all of you other victims of man-made adorableness, there’s a new trend in town: the Teacup Pig.

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Known by some enthusiasts over at Angel Enterprise Farm in Florida as “the fine little swine,” teacup pigs are miniature potbelly pigs. And these guys don’t roll around in the mud. Think of them as a friendlier version of a cat. And, just a warning, when they say miniature pig, they are comparing teacup pigs (30-65 lbs) to their full grown 200-800 lb brethren.


Teacup piggies have a lifespan of 15-20 years and can be trained to use a litter box within days. They can be walked on a leash, love attention, are extremely affectionate and have some trouble navigating stairs.

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