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Lindsay Lohan in Court: Michael Lohan’s Letter to Judge

Lindsay Lohan arrives at court (AP Photo)

Lindsay is back in front of a judge today in Beverly Hills to answer allegations she has violated probation and missed alcohol education classes. In a letter that preceded today’s court hoopla, Michael Lohan asks the judge to keep Lindsay out of jail, to avoid turning her into another statistic:

Dear Judge Revel:


This firm represents Michael Lohan, the loving father of Lindsay Lohan, defendant in the above referenced  proceeding. Michael understands that the State alleges that Lindsay may have violated the terms of her probation by missing multiple court-ordered alcohol education classes and by failing to appear at a prior hearing date. We understand that at the next  hearing date, July 6, 2010, the State may ask the court to incarcerate Lindsay. We beg the court not to jail her for the reasons set forth below.

Your Honor is aware that because of the current overcrowding in Los Angeles jails, misdemeanor, nonviolent
offenders like Lindsay serve only a fraction of their terms. In Lindsay’s case, her last term of incarceration lasted only 84 minutes. This not only made a laughing stock of our criminal justice system in the eyes of the world, which followed this case, but taught her that jail is a revolving door and poses no real threat or deterrent. Overcrowding has not diminished in the last few years since this first incident, and thus we’d expect a similar very brief term of actual  confinement.

In the event Lindsay is found to be in violation, Michael renews his request that the Court order Lindsay into an inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment program. We have previously written to the Court regarding a very private facility in New York – so private, that the public is unaware that rehab takes place there. Unlike other rehab programs Lindsay has been to, this facility would also include family therapy, which is much needed, Michael believes. Because this program is located on Long Island, New York, where her family (mother, father, and siblings) live, they could easily attend family therapy with her as needed. Michael represents to the Court that he would make attending family therapy classes with his daughter his #1 priority.

If Lindsay is not found to be in violation, then Michael appreciates and supports the Court’s order requiring Lindsay to wear the SCRAM anklet; barring her from the ingestion of any alcohol; and subjecting her to random drug testing. These restrictions appear to have benefited her. We respectfully request that those restrictions remain in full force and effect to prevent further violations.

Michael also respectfully requests that Lindsay’s prescription drug use be carefully monitored via the random drug testing. As the Court is well aware, prescription drug abuse is an epidemic among young people. If prescription drugs are excluded from the testing, Lindsay may use that loophole to become intoxicated and pose a danger to herself or others. Michael desperately wants to avoid seeing his daughter become the next Hollywood statistic. We thank the Court for its attention to this matter. Michael Lohan and I will be present at the July 6 hearing in the event the Court has any questions.

Very truly yours,
For The Bloom Firm
Cc: Shawn Chapman Holley, Esq. (for Lindsay Lohan)
Danette Meyers, Deputy District Attorney

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