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Windows 8: Rumors, Details, Features, Release Date

Nearly 18 Microsoft documents were leaked containing plans for a Workhorse PC, Lap PC and Family Hub PC. If the documents are genuine, Microsoft’s plans for Windows 8 include a facial scanner for user recognition as well as sensors to detect when users leave or enter the room.

If the documents are to be believed, these innovations would drastically increase the level of interaction between users and their devices.

The Workhorse PC operates this program called, “My PC Knows Me.” Theoretically, the computer will sense that the user has either entered or left the room and power up, or power down, accordingly.


And because the computer would already be on, by the time the user sits in his chair, the computer would be able to scan the user’s face to log in the correct user.

The Lap PC is an iPad equivalent.  According to the documents, the Lap PC will include an accelerometer used for gaming and screen orientation adjustment for portrait and landscape modes. It will also have ambient light detection, location-aware capability, a touch-based interface and virtual keyboard.

Unlike the iPad, the Lap PC will have attention detection software.  According to the document, if a user is playing a game and looks away, the game will pause because the built-in Webcam can no longer detect his eyes on the screen.

The Family Hub, to be placed in the hypothetical family’s living room, will act as the home’s media center. Photos and video can be transferred from computer-to-computer and computer-to-TV, respectively.

Through this system, Microsoft purportedly plans to circumvent the problems that other devices encounter when transferring data.

The future is here…and it runs on PC, allegedly.

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