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Behind the Lutz Family Nomination- Saturday, 2:30 p.m.

We know all about the Lutz family’s incredible story, but how were they nominated for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I talked with one of the women responsible for the family’s life changing experience:

Maria Bacchi has known the Lutz family for 10 years. After one of her friends came across Kathleen’s story in Newsday, she told a mutual friend, Patty, “There is something you have to do for this family. It’s right under our nose, its in our same town, we have to do something,” Maria recalled. Patty contacted Kathleen, eager to help. “I want to do something to help. Let me fold your laundry, let me clean your house, let me do something,” Maria repeated. Kathleen finally agreed for Patty to provide the family with one hot meal a week.

Spectators watch while volunteers work to complete the Lutz family's new home


“So for the last 10 years, Patty has been organizing a food drive, I guess in a sense,” Maria said. “Every Thursday they are provided with a hot meal, so [that] she [Kathleen] doesn’t have to worry about one day of cooking.”

Maria has helped cook and run toy drives for the family. “Whatever it is that she needs,” she said.

“The last three years she’s [Kathleen] pretty much opened her heart to me and has let me in personally,” Maria said. “And then going through this application process I’ve really had the opportunity to bond with each of the kids.”

Maria and Patty’s nomination of the Lutz family involved a tremendous amount of paper work. “Even up until Friday [June 18] they were still looking for paperwork,” Maria said.

But to her it was all worth it. Maria can be spotted volunteering for the volunteers. “I say that my job is to spread joy,” she said. “I just walk around, do whatever they need me to do, if it’s to get water, or get ice, or get a hard hat for anyone.” She is also involved in fund raising efforts.

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