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Friday Afternoon Update

It’s Friday, which means Alure and the remodeling team have only one day remaining before the keys to the Lutzes’ new home are handed over to the design team Saturday. If you think that means things are winding down at the site, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the only thing easing up on Ringneck Lane is the heat, which, after a week of 90-degree days and unbearable humidity, is hovering around the mid-80s with noticeably less heat.

But while Mother Nature takes a chill pill, the volunteers are working feverishly inside, outside and on the ground surrounding the house. Large, tall mountains of dirt which just last night covered what will soon be the front lawn of the new Lutz home have been parsed out around the property.

The exterior of the house has started to get some paint. A deep red is being brushed on parts of the exterior. Inside the house, sheet rock has been put up. Cement mixers are whirling around in the street, a probable sign of someĀ  pouring to come.


In the backyard, workers are ripping out shrubs and trees to create a clean slate for themselves before building an entire new setup.

The most exciting action is taking place up above. Way, way up above. An enormous crane has been brought to Ringneck Lane, and it is being used for construction of a greenhouse-like glass enclosure above the roof. The crane is suctioning large pieces of glass, which are then hoisted up to the now-shingled roof for placement.

Whether you’ve been down to the site over the course of the week, viewed our photo galleries or are clueless as to what all the ruckus over in East Setauket is, you’ve got a leg up on the Lutz family. And in just two days, when they lay eyes on their new home, this hurricane-like week will come to an immensely satisfying conclusion.

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