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Alure Extreme Story

“It’s been an incredibly satisfying and wonderful experience. It has helped to fulfill a couple of my dreams… I’ve always had this desire to give back and the show has given me an opportunity to do that on a platform where we can inspire others to give back. I feel blessed to be where I am today, growing and running Alure… We are very fortunate to have the local community support, experience, teamwork, extensive resources, leadership, infrastructure, manpower and industry partners to pull it off while inspiring others to get involved and help show the good in our Industry.”

—Sal Ferro, President/CEO, Alure Home Improvements

Bringing Our Experience Home
Sal Ferro
, President/CEO
Alure Home Improvements


Alure has been building dreams for homeowners for decades, and many of those dreams have come true on TV: Through their work with two-time Emmy-winning Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Alure has changed lives for many lucky families. Sal Ferro and Alure first got involved with EM:HE in 2004, and, according to Ferro, the experience has been nothing short of amazing. “It’s been incredibly satisfying,” says Ferro. “A wonderful and fulfilling experience.”

Of course, it’s a tremendous amount of work—nobody said making dreams come true was easy—but Ferro knows the challenge is worth it. “This is just Alure being Alure, making a difference for everyone from the family, the community, viewers of the show, our employees and our industry.”

But why, one might ask, go through the tremendous upheaval and effort required by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? Why not just donate money? For Ferro, it’s about doing the right thing. “If you always do what’s easy in life, then that’s a problem,” he says. “What’s more important is doing the right thing. People become too fixed on making themselves feel good, which is usually the easy way out.”

It’s no accident that the show has taken a liking to Ferro and his team. Says Diane Korman, executive producer of EM:HE, “We’ve gotten to know Sal and this team quite well over six years and seven makeovers. Alure not only has a great heart and cares for people and the community, but their work is phenomenal. Watching their team work together in these hectic environments with such dedication and excellent work is remarkable.”

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