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Guatemala Sinkhole: Giant Crater Opens in Guatemala City

More than 100 people lost their lives in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador due to Tropical Storm Agatha

Guatemala sinkhole crater

A sinkhole created by tropical storm Agatha covers a street intersection in dowtown of Guatemala City on Sunday, May 30, 2010. Torrential rains brought by the first tropical storm of the 2010 season pounded Central America and southern Mexico, triggering deadly landslides.(AP Photo/STR)

A gigantic sinkhole, larger than a city intersection, has opened in the northern part of Guatemala City, Guatemala, after the region was battered by Tropical Storm Agatha. More than 100 people lost their lives in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador due to the intense weather.

A local newspaper reports that a security guard was killed when the giant sinkhole opened up, and local residents claim a three-story building and a house fell into the hole. Neither of these reports have been confirmed.


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The sinkhole was blamed on poor sewage system, but was the least of Guatemala’s worries, as mudslides wracked the country, burying victims, closing roads and collapsing bridges, forcing more than 100,000 people to be evacuated from their homes.

Agatha decreased in strength from tropical storm status to a tropical depression Saturday, losing it’s depression ranking Sunday.

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