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Letters to the Press: For the Week of May 20 – May 26

Democratic Double Standard

Dear Editor:

Did the Long Island Press, like myself and other Long Island residents, miss your invitation to attend President Obama’s appearance at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser held last night at the exclusive St. Regis hotel on Fifth Avenue? Tickets started at $15,000 per person or $30,000 per couple. $50,000 per couple got you access for a ‘VIP” reception. “Do as I say, not as I do” applies to President Obama and Democrats in Congress. Bash Wall Street with one hand, but it was palms up looking for big bucks with the other hand. Those in attendance included the usual crowd from Wall Street along with lobbyists, trial lawyers, real estate developers, Hollywood celebrities, special interest groups, millionaires and the Pay-for-Play crowd. At those prices, working or middle class people like you or I were hard to come by, except in the kitchen or serving. I couldn’t afford the price of a ticket, but was willing to park limousines, check coats or bus tables. What was that tired old refrain about the Democratic Party being the friend of the little people and those nasty greedy old Republicans being a party of the wealthy big buck fat cats?


Larry Penner, Great Neck

No Coliseum Casino

Dear Editor:

What is the Mangano administration thinking by proposing a casino on the same property as the Nassau Coliseum [“Mangano in Talks to Bring Casino to Coliseum,” April 27]?

This area was supposed to be home to the Lighthouse Project, a plan which would which have given Nassau County revenue-producing structures such as recreational opportunities, commercial property and much-needed housing that reflects development with real benefits for the Nassau taxpayers. Plus it would give the Islanders a place to play. Now the Mangano administration has decided to ignore the peoples’ wishes and pursue their own agenda.

A casino is not appropriate for an area that borders family oriented communities, a medical center, schools, churches, a shopping center, and much more. A casino is a bad plan, and will not create permanent jobs for local residents.

As a Nassau County resident, I call on the Republican-controlled legislature to not be a rubber stamp for Mangano’s Republican administration. I call on them to NOT gamble the future of Nassau County on a casino.

Thank you,
Matt Hynes, Levittown

Editor’s note: Hynes was a Democratic candidate for Town of Hempstead’s 6th council district in 2009.

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