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Letters to the Press: For the Week of April 29 – May 5

Anti-White House Sports Honors

Dear Editor:

Reportedly President Obama invited the Yankees for a White House ceremony [“Obama Welcomes Champion Yankees to White House,” April 26]. I am suspect of sports entering the political arena subject for White House news coverage.
Frankly, the passé antiquated tradition of presidents entertaining sports teams at the White House is outdated and no longer fit. Government leadership should not be part of the sports pages and celebrating a baseball victory is out of place at the White House spending tax dollars.


Essentially, when government power is derived by a “boy’s club” mindset, allegiance to sports politics is unsportsmanlike.

Susan Marie Davniero, Lindenhurst

They’re Not Undocumented Immigrants, They’re Illegal

Dear Editor:

I read with concern your article [“Crossing the Border,” April 22], which related to the sad and tragic death of Josseline who, while with others, was attempting to cross our border. This was a sad and unnecessary loss of a young life. My concern is why you did not use the proper term, illegal. Both my grandparents and my wife’s grandparents entered this great country of ours lawfully. Perhaps your newspaper feared not being politically sensitive to the liberal Obama agenda or the backlash of illegal support groups? Whatever the excuse, the United States of America is not responsible for this loss of life. The mother and father are! Where were they? They were far away, hiding, not paying taxes and letting a stranger guide their children across our border. Shame on them.

Thank you.
Ray Kuhner, Seaford

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