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iPhone 4G: Leaked Pics May Be Real After All

Steve Jobs may be looking to open an apple cider brand after this weekend.

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After a report from Spanish tech blog Applesfera surfaced this morning claiming the leaked pictures of Apple’s iPhone 4G/iPhone HD were actually of a Japanese counterfeit, everyone seemed to have moved on. But a recent development has swung momentum back to the “Yes, these are real” side.


A new post by tech blog Engadget, originator of the iPhone 4G/iPhone HD pictures, offers proof the shots are indeed of Apple’s next iPhone. In the post, the site offers a picture initially received the night prior to Apple’s iPad revealing. That picture, allegedly from an Apple test lab, shows the iPad covered in testing materials. At the time, this was the only real leaked image of the iPad. Lying to the right of the iPad, however, is what appears to be the phone believed to be the iPhone 4G/iPhone HD. Squinting, it bears a striking resemblance to the device in the leaked pictures, with an aluminum, squared-off side complete with two distinct round volume buttons.

Engadget goes on to report a source who confirms the device is in fact the next iPhone backs up existing rumors of upgraded specs, including a higher-resolution screen, front-facing camera and upgraded rear camera with flash. In addition, the belief a SIM card slot is on the side of the phone is confirmed, making use of recently released micro SIM cards, which are used in the iPad, but not previous-generation iPhones.

Shortly after all this, a forum member at Mac-centric blog MacRumors posted disassembly shots of a device that looks very similar to the device Engadget has been touting as the iPhone 4G/iPhone HD. They confirm the slot on the side of the device is for a SIM card of some nature, and a hole next to the front of the device’s speaker adds plausibility to the front-facing camera argument.

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