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Dockers Wear No Pants In Super Bowl XLIV

The Big Game's hottest spot is interactive and strange

A still from the Dockers Wear No Pants Commercial featured in Super Bowl XLIV.

A still from the Dockers Wear the Pants Commercial featured in Super Bowl XLIV.

By Anna Lempereur

The TV commercial for Dockers’ “Wear the Pants” campaign, which aired during the second quarter of  Super Bowl XLIV, became one of the hottest spots to air during the big game.


The commercial featured an army of pantless men wandering through a field, singing an anthem about wearing no pants. Towards the end of the ad, they began to sing “It’s time to wear the pants,” followed by a pant-wearing man.

According to MediaPost, the song “I Wear No Pants,” was written by The Poxy Boggards, an Irish band, although it was sung by the actors in the commercial.

This is a clever tactic to bring viewers to the Dockers website and possibly score that free pair of pants. Once they visit, they are instantly asked to enter the contest for a chance to win one of the thousands of pairs of khakis they are giving away.

A teaser for the commercial states “On game day, Shazam this man,” meaning that users who have Shazam, the smartphone application that identifies music, can “tag” the commercial, bringing them not only information on the advertisement’s song, but instructions on how they can win a free pair of pants.

Watch the Dockers “Wear the Pants” Super Bowl ad here!

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