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Ethan Hawke

The star of Daybreakers on vampires, B-movies and Isabelle Adjani

Q: How come?

EH: Because I get bored with all the superhero violence. I’d rather be someone who has to struggle with the idea of violence.

Q: Your character also refuses to drink human blood. So did you see yourself as a vegetarian vampire too?


EH: I did! But if I talk too much about it, I’ll start sounding ridiculous. You know, like this movie is Schindler’s List. But social issues, like caring about the polar caps, that’s the stuff I love. But in the bad genre movies, you don’t care about anybody. You know, with just their heads being lopped off. You don’t care about anything that happens to them.

Q: What about the scene with the exploding human, I can’t imagine doing that in more than one take.

EH: Yeah, that was disgusting! That’s one of the scenes where you’re dripping with blood, and you say to yourself, this movie better be good! You know, there has to be that old school sense of humor. Like, “If we don’t have any more humans, we’re gonna be out of blood before the end of the week!” You know what I mean? Like that’s out of a comic book. But this was old school throwback. They didn’t use computers, they used makeup. You know, we didn’t have the budget for all kinds of visual effects. So we had to embrace being a B movie. And being the best version of that.

Q: How about all that fake blood, what was it really?

EH: Oh, I don’t know. Some sugar substitute. Something red and gross!

Q: How do you feel your life would be different if you had no fear of death, like a vampire?

EH: Hmm…I would smoke!

Q: All the time?

EH: All the time. I would smoke all the time. And I would ride a motorcycle everywhere. Other than that, I don’t know. But that was the part I thought was really funny, that my character smokes all the time until he turns into a human being. And then you want to live longer!

Q: Do you think you’d make a good vampire in real life?

EH: Uh…Is that a come-on line? That sounds like something, you know, hey babe!

Q: No, no! Now, your character is a hematologist. Did you do research to play a hematologist?

EH: I’m a hematology expert, yeah, yeah. I went to med school for a year to play a vampire! And what I learned… No! But there is something hysterical to me, to play a vampire hematologist. That character description is just hysterical, you know? But no, I didn’t stay up for weeks and learn all about blood. I didn’t.

Q: And you weren’t worrying either, about possible future vampire plagues?

EH: No, I wasn’t. But I could imagine that fear.

Q: What has life been like for you, with your chosen path as an actor?

EH: It seems like throughout my whole career, there’s a parallel universe. And if you make a good movie, that’s nice. If not. it’s hideous.

Q: Any fantasy dream project left for you?

EH: I would love to write a graphic novel.

Q: About what?

EH: I have it in my noodle and…I’m not sharing!

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