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Gift Guide ’09: Generation X-Y-Z

Netflix Subscription


Available At: Netflix

Some call it the death of Blockbuster, others just call it genius. Netflix is an online service that provides DVDs to both your doorstep and your desktop. For a small monthly fee, Netflix sends you DVDs from a list of your choosing. Once one is finished, you simply mail it back, and, like magic, another appears in a few days. For those that can’t even wait that long, they have also added a feature that allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows straight to their computers, instantly. Subscriptions are on a build-it-yourself basis, allowing you to purchase memberships anywhere from one month up to a year. While you’re on the site purchasing your gift subscription, sign yourself up for a free trial.

Gift Card of the Month

Available At: Clubs Galore

Nobody complains about getting gift cards, and this club is literally the gift that keeps on giving. So that they don’t spend it all in one place, gift cards are disbursed in increments throughout the year—you can choose to have them delivered monthly, bi-monthly or every three months. And for those that worry gift cards seem impersonal, fear not. Each gift card list is tailored specifically to the recipient, that way they can redeem them at stores you know they will love. This is an ideal gift for college kids who are away from home throughout the year, as well as recent grads on their own for the first time.

Hemp Handbags

Available At: Greener Country

These handbags are not just an adorable, cheaper alternative to the usual handbags that every single person on Long Island lugs around. Made from heavy hemp canvas with hemp webbing straps and coming in Earthstone, Mojave, Indigo Fade, Sage, Rose Shadow and Natural colors, these bags are natural and organic. Even better, they’re one-of-a-kind. Since Hemp requires little to no pesticides, replenishes soil with nutrients and nitrogen, controls erosion of the topsoil, and produces lots of oxygen for the environment, these bags are great for the green-minded person in your life.

USB Fridge

Available At: USB Geek

For those who seem to spend their existence staring at a screen without taking so much as a drink break, this retro mini fridge is both fun and practical. Powered solely by computer, the fridge begins to cool as soon as its plugged in, and takes only five minutes to reach optimal drink coolness. The fridge comes with a 4-inch UBS cable—no other equipment required. Simply plug in and chill out. With a trendy vintage look, its dimensions are just right for storing a standard beverage can. Those that are hoping to store a five-course meal may want to invest in a more conventional fridge. While this item may aim for more novelty than function, it makes for a fun gift nonetheless.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Re-Treat

Available At: Sephora

From a simple candy shop to a state-of-the-art, flagship store in New York City, Dylan’s Candy Bar pioneers the concept of merging the worlds of art, popular culture, and fashion with a universal treat: candy. Created by Dylan Lauren (daughter of designer Ralph Lauren), Dylan’s Candy Bar now introduces Re-Treat, a decadent bath collection formulated with natural, top-of-the-line ingredients and fragranced with the scrumptious notes found at the Dylan’s Candy Bar brick-and-mortar stores. Re-Treat is truly an indulgence for the senses that will satisfy your sweet tooth and nourish your skin—without any guilt.

Private Literary Pub Crawl of NYC

Available At: Excitations

For a person who has everything, don’t just give them a gift; give them an experience—and a fun one at that. One of the countless cultural offerings New York City has is its diverse selection of legendary walking tours. One of our favorites is a Literary-themed pub crawl, where you and a guest are guided through some of the most famous watering holes that Greenwich Village has to offer. Led by a private guide, the tour brings you to the places where writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan sought inspiration, and the occasional good time. Much like your standard pub crawl, the tour works its way from bar to bar, frequently stopping to note famous literary landmarks. Oh, and the guide also doubles as a professional actor, bringing history to life with colorful reenactments of literary lore. Tour last about three hours and are offered year-round. Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves Hemingway or Heineken, this gift is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Retro & Vintage Compacts

Available At: Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing has plenty of Bettie Page-inspired accessories for women who feel like they were born a few decades too late, but our favorites are these mirrored compacts that come in all shapes and sizes. Some are traditional makeup compacts, others are old-fashioned tampon cases and business card holders. The Man Bait Heart Compact by Retro A Go Go is coated in hand-poured, clear resin for a shiny, glass-like finish. It’s available in a silver-tone colored snap-close case in designs that are naughty—and nice.

Bubble Wrap Wall Calendar

Available At: Urban Outfitters

There are so many things you can do with bubble wrap—throw it on the floor and roll your swivel chair over it, pad your walls for those extra bad days, and now you can keep track of the days. The Bubble Wrap Wall Calendar is an oversized calendar, and each day has it’s own bubble to pop. It’s like an Advent calendar, but all year round and without the chocolate—which actually makes it just a regular old calendar. But much, much cooler.

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