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The Turkey of the Year 2009

No contest. It has to be President Barack Obama. No one went into 2009 with more going for him than Barack Obama. Obama Love. Last year at this time you could just feel it rolling in waves over these United States of America.

The fawning media couldn’t get enough of him and his attractive family. Finally we had an exciting, promising, handsome, articulate, brilliant president who was a fantastic speaker and had just about the whole country cheering him on. He also had a party that was in complete control of Congress. There was nothing he could do wrong.

Then he raised his hand at the Inauguration and became the 44th President of the United States.


A minute later he turned into a hybrid of Fidel Castro and Jimmy Carter. He has nationalized some of our biggest corporations and banks. He took control of General Motors and gave a chunk of it away to the unions. He has done nothing about Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea but tell us he plans someday to solve the problems of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea. He is treating our staunchest ally, Israel, like a stepchild. Unemployment keeps going up. He has insisted on a health care plan that would cost everyone reading this and their children a great deal of money and will destroy the quality of health care in the United States. He has raised and will continue to raise taxes. In order to get his health care reform passed by the House, he has entered into an alliance with conservative Democrats and Republicans that has stripped abortion funding from private insurance. This, of course, means that President Obama has betrayed many women who voted for him by proposing they will lose their abortion coverage even in the private health insurance market, thus leaving them worse off after his health care reform than they are today. He has allied himself with the far left of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. He is more Michael Moore’s president than yours and mine.

A few months ago, many realized Rep. Joe Wilson wasn’t wrong when he shouted “liar” when Obama was telling us we could have a trillion dollar health care reform bill that would save us money.

The first cracks in Obama’s armor started to appear when Saturday Night Live and many comedians like Jay Leno, Jon Stewart and David Letterman started making him the butt of their jokes.

We (and I include myself) wanted to admire him, but now we laugh at him.

Ninety-nine percent of the people I know are liberal Democrats; I’m their token Republican. During the election campaign they e-mailed me every minute of every day asking how could I not fall under the spell of the magnificent speaking, good looks, promise and charm of Obama.

A few weeks ago my wife, The Beautiful Judy Licht, and I went to a very nice dinner party. As usual we were the only Republicans in the room. When we left I said to Judy, “Did you notice that no one in the room talked about politics all night?” Not a single word. These are people who talk about politics all the time. They are in media and talking about politics is their life. Their silence was deafening.

Many of the women who were present had contributed thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood and N.O.W. and all sorts of  women’s groups that backed Obama. It was as though after the abortion betrayal they couldn’t say his name.

To them and to all of you I say that I still want Barack Obama to be a great president. I will even settle for him being a good president. How about his being a little better than Jimmy Carter, the worst president in our nation’s history?

He is, after all, the only president we have for the next three years.

And if his smiles and promises and stirring speeches and clever lies work again, those who voted for him before will probably vote for him again. Then he will be our president for the next seven years.

Let us hope the president he promised us he would be shows up soon. If he doesn’t—God help America.

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