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13 People Who Will Green Your Twitter

followHere at the Long Island Press, we’ve greened our garbage, our office, our homes and our habits–even our Twitter accounts. So this week, we bring you the best of the green world on the net in 140 characters or less.


This one is for the crafty, in other words, those who can use a needle and thread without bloodshed. Short for “crafting a green world,” this is the home of sustainable crafts on the web. If you’re looking for holiday gift or decoration ideas, make this your first stop.


47GrnPage_3@ECORAZZI is the equivalent of, but with an eco-friendly twist. Follow these guys to get daily gossip on what celebs are doing–or not doing–to help the environment and make a difference in the world.


Maintained by the founder of, EcoChickie will help you save the world in style and shop without sin, “because Mother Earth is a woman.” Fashion, design, beauty, health—it’s all here.


If computers and gadgets are you’re thing, EcoGeek will keep you up to date on the latest, from the fastest computer in the world focused on climate change and solar spacecrafts to wind-powered cell phone towers and dirty diaper recycling.


Live Glamorously Green with the EcoGlamourista and stay on top of the latest in sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle,  stylish buys and really useful tips with a local, NYC edge.


A self-described social media geek, social scientist and general life enthusiast, the ecopolitologist tweets and debates energy, environment and politics. Not sure what an ecopolitologist is? Visit

47GrnPage_8@EARTH911, the one-stop shop for all you need to know about recycling and reuse brings you daily updates on how to curb your trash and reduce your impact on the environment, plus general green news and updates–from the truth behind plastic bags to the facts behind your toilet paper.


MomGoesGreen and NaturalPapa are two parents trying to live a greener life and make the world a better place for their kids. Follow them on their separate journeys and pick up some helpful tips along the way.


For everyone interested in Vegan Cooking, healthy organic living or the raw lifestyle, Chef Kristen Suzanne, a former competitive bodybuilder, serves up recipes to get you in shape. Want more? Visit


See what others are doing to create a sustainable future. Maintained by the folks at, these tweets will keep you up to date with the latest in green jobs and careers all over the country and around the world.


GreenRobeen offers tips on green living for the budget conscious. Learn how to decrease toxins and help change the world without going broke.


Hey that’s us! Follow us and we’ll keep you up to date on everything green, fabulous and Long Island. But wait, it gets better. You may even get to weigh in on our daily lunch order, hear us complain, and brag about all the incredibly fantastical things we do here at the Press over the course of a day. You’re welcome.

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