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They Cater To You: Special Affair For Special Affairs

By Niki Gregoriou


Special Affair Caterers
144 S. Front St.
Phone: 516-249-9430
Fax: 516-420-9393

Brian Sanders, Owner

It’s not uncommon to hear the word “caterer” and think: Extravagant. Over-the-top. Pricey. Catering businesses are huge operations, with enormous staffs and date books filled with events. That worry many people get from being treated like “just another customer?” It’s not totally unfounded.

Special Affair Caterers breaks nearly every part of that mold. Extravagant? Only in their presentation and level of quality. Pricey? You’ll be wasting time trying to find a better deal than their $34 per person package. And the “just another customer” feeling? Maybe from a catering company run by profit-driven businessmen, but Special Affair is also a family affair.

“By being family owned and operated, we take a lot of pride in always demanding and maintaining the highest standards in any of the services that we perform,” says Brian Sanders, owner of the family owned and operated business.

Special Affair Caterers began in an empty 1,500-foot store at 144 S. Front St. in Farmingdale, where Sanders grew up. “We set up a kitchen and began contacting local advertisers,” he says of his business’ humble beginnings. He eventually branched out to another store location and opened a catering hall. The two-location system allows the company to cater anywhere in the tri-state area, but keeps operations tight and focused.

No matter the party size, Special Affair Caterers is more than capable of bringing exceptional service to an event. On premise events are held at Farmingdale’s VFW Hall. If you’ve got your own venue, Sanders and co. can bring their multitude of services to you. Corporate events are part of their repertoire, too.

Especially CD-release parties. Throughout their 22 years in business, Sanders has had his fair share of entertaining nights through catering. Notably, he catered for celebrity Kanye West to celebrate the release of one of his albums. The event had two parts: a cocktail party for 250 people and a private dinner for 12.

Special Affair Caterers also gets the opportunity to cater many charity events. The Henry Schein Christmas party, an annual event that brings needy children together to celebrate the holidays, holds a special place in Sanders’ heart. “[It’s great] seeing the smiles and reactions from the kids that [are brought] into the building from the inner city,” he says.
Special Affair Caterers has also set up a website that lists prices, photos, and menu options. Through the site,, interested visitors can discover their best-selling item: their $34 party package. It’s successful with customers because it is affordable and a great alternative to most catering companies’ high prices, and is easy on the wallet during tough economic times, Sanders says.

In the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the fair-haired girl famously passes on bowls of porridge that are too hot and too cold, settling for one that is “just right.” Special Affair Catering share a lot with that third bowl—it’s a professional, grade-A catering operation. But it’s a family-run business planted firmly on Long Island. Special Affair Catering takes the best of both worlds and combines them into the perfect addition to any of your special affairs.

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