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Mangano Leads Suozzi After First Day of Recount

GOP candidate has 24-vote lead


The Board of Elections will continue counting votes this week, and expects to certify a winner by the end of the month.

After the first day of recounting votes from Election Day, Nassau County Executive GOP candidate Ed Mangano leads incumbent Tom Suozzi by 24 votes.

The number is small but could paint a troubling scenario for Suozzi, who is seeking a third term in office.


According to sources the votes counted were from the 14th Legislative District, where Democratic Legislator Dave Mejias is also hoping the recount puts him on top of his challenger Republican Joe Belesi, Long Beach and most of Suozzi’s hometown of Glen Cove.

More than 1,000 voting machines were taken to the Nassau County Board of Elections (BOE) for re-canvassing after the election. The machines are opened up and the votes are recounted. At night, the machines are secured and the two keys that can open the room’s doors are given to the Nassau County Police Department.

Once the machines are examined, absentee ballots will be counted. GOP sources said that with Suozzi being behind even 24 votes after his hometown Glen Cove was recounted could foretell a Republican victory. The absentee ballots are expected to tilt towards the GOP.

Either way, the BOE does not expect to certify any winners until the end of this month.

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