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Saturday Night Live: Terrible Now, Hilarious Then

Who watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend? I had to TiVo it because I went to see Couples Retreat (OMG SO HILARIOUS) and then drank Bud Light Lime while listening to the new Dane Cook CD (SuFi!!!). But when I watched it Sunday morning, oh man, it was so funny I spit Toaster Strudel all over my TV! Drew Barrymore is, without question, the funniest woman alive. Whether it’s directing, acting or binging on drugs and alcohol at age 9 improv, she can do it all. And the sketches? Laugh Out Loud (LOL)! Just hang on one sec while I tie this noose a little tighter…

I’ve been watching SNL religiously for the past few years, and while I’ve only seen the older skits on those Best of DVDs, I don’t think I’m alone here (Bueller?) when I say that a graph of the show’s performance would be similar to a chart of Betamax player sales. I swear to God, if they do another one of those stupid f***ing “Gilly” skits I’m going to go on a Drano bender. Life’s website has a nice photo gallery of vintage pictures from SNL‘s heyday. It’s a nice way to remember the old skits that were funny (“Coneheads,” “Blues Brothers”) and skits the show still uses but aren’t funny anymore (“Weekend Update” with Chevy Chase, before Seth Meyers drove it into the ground).


It’s also a nice way to remember the cast members, when they were relevant. John Belushi—dead. Eddie Murphy—star of Dr. Doolittle, Norbit and this (it never gets old, only more awesome). Steve Martin—the Pink Panther movies (as good as dead). Chevy Chase—who the F knows (although he is on Community now and that show is hilarious).

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