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Chris Brown Sentenced to 5 Years Probation

chris-brown-courtChris Brown has been sentenced to 5 years felony probation, including 180 hours of community labor and domestic violence counseling. He has been issued a restraining order forbidding any kind of communication with pop star Rhianna. The judge mentioned that she was aware of possible ongoing communication between the two, and sternly warned Brown that the order will be firmly enforced. When pressed by reporters regarding whether or not Rhianna wants a non-communication order in place, Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos responded that Rhianna has been informed that she may seek a modification of the order of protection on her own, should she desire.

The conditions of the probation allow Brown to travel within the continental United States, and, with permission ahead of time, abroad. The order of protection allows Brown to be within 10 yards of Rhianna, but only during entertainment events that they might both be attending, otherwise it is 100 yards.

Brown looked serious and when asked, answered that he understood and accepted the terms of the probation.


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