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Going Back to School Means Going Green

schoolIt was bound to happen. The days become shorter, the weather becomes cooler and soon the summer comes to a close. There are a lot of great ways to prepare a student for success this September. Luckily, there are also a lot of great ways to go green for the upcoming school year as well.


This supply case made from recycled plastic can be found at your local CVS/Pharmacy for $2.99

Write Green


Students continually use the same supplies, be it for a simple homework assignment or big presentations. Rather than use the average, ordinary pencil, students should try EarthWrite pencils. This Paper Mate biodegradable pen is made from cornstarch or recycled paper rather than plastics and sold alongside Paper Mate’s regular line of pens at most stores.

Recycled Notebooks


School Supply Line By LI Artist Joshua Davis

Producing paper is not as easy as it sounds. To be a little more eco-friendly, a range of recycled notebooks are available. Most brands offer notebooks made from recycled paper, but if you want to take it to the next level try one of these works of art. Long Island-based designer Joshua Davis ( has collaborated with Miquelrius, a Spanish stationary and accessory brand. His digital images are featured in a line of high-quality notebooks and backpacks. They aren’t made from recycled paper, but they’re so pretty, you’ll never throw them out.


HempMania Bag

Eco-Friendly Backpacks

Students need a place to store all of their supplies. Why not use a backpack made out of hemp? They are unique and better than the standard plastic backpack, plus they are helping the environment. Try the HempMania Two-Tone Shoulder Bag ($56) at Greener Country (457 N. Broadway, Jericho)

32GrnPg_4Green Your Joe

Young students are not the only ones who can go green. While on line at the campus bookstore, after purchasing used books that do not require additional paper to make a new book, purchase a mug. Yes, a mug. Find one with a cute school mascot or logo and prepare to use it for that morning cup of joe that you’ll need after an all-nighter in the library. Rather than throwing away plastic, disposable cups, students will always have a mug to drink from and keep them green.

Bind It32GrnPg_5

Rather than buying a notebook that goes to waste, use a binder. A binder, unlike a notebook, is reusable and a student will never use anything other than what he or she needs. Paper will not be wasted because the notes can be taken out and stapled, rather than just thrown away even if a section of the notebook is left.

32GrnPg_6Go Canvas

Canvas bags could be the perfect supply for college students. Rather than pack supplies in disposable plastic, canvas bags are reusable. Bring them shopping or even bring them home when they’re full of laundry! Visit for a variety of canvas bags, including the “I <3 Dirt” reusable produce drawstring bag ($7.99).

Reuse It32Green_7

Another trick to going green is to reuse supplies. If you can sneak away from home with your sister’s old lamp or steal a comforter from your cousin, by all means! Sites like or can help students find that perfect, reusable, piece of furniture for their dorm room, and even better, cute jeans.

By Danielle Valente

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