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Schools Go Green, Save Green

greenThe Lindenhurst School District gave itself an extreme green makeover by installing solar power systems that will not only help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but local taxes as well.

Seven photovoltaic systems were installed in the district that will produce approximately 83,643 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which will save the Lindenhurst School District and residents about $16,394 in electricity costs per year.

“Using clean energy sources in schools will also teach the next generation a vital lesson for the 21st century, which is that we have the technologies today to generate electricity without pollution and climate-changing greenhouse gases,” said Gordian Raacke, Executive Director of the not-for-profit organization Renewable Energy Long Island.


By using solar power as opposed to fossil fuels to generate electricity, the avoided emissions over a 20-year period will be approximately 2.892 tons of Sulfur Dioxide, 1.292 tons of Nitrous Oxide, and 983.45 tons of Carbon Dioxide, according to the Long Island Power Authority.

“Last year I did a survey of 17 Long Island school districts. The bad news: only one school was using any form of alternative energy. The good news: We passed a bill in the House to green our schools that will make an additional $6.4 billion dollars available in 2010 for energy-efficient upgrades,” said Rep. Steve Israel (D-New York). “By going green our schools can cut their energy costs and that savings can help keep our property taxes in check”

The installation is part of LIPA’s Solar Entrepreneur and Efficiency Long Island/Commercial Construction Program, which offers rebates for residential and commercial customers of $3.50 per watt up to a 10 kW system. For more information on the program, visit

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