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Rihanna, Good Girl Gone Bad



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Rihanna at East Side Ink (Splash News)


Rihanna is in trouble with the Health Department after illegally tattooing umbrellas on several people at East Side Ink in NYC, the pop star’s favorite tattoo parlor.

RiRi came in to get lessons from her personal tattoo artist BangBang, but ended up tattooing BangBang and two other artists, plus East Side Ink owner Yadira instead. She was photographed by the paparazzi, tattoo gun in had, and now faces $300-$1000 in fines, since only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos, according to the city’s health code. 


“She came by to hang out with us and her regular tattoo artist, BangBang,” Yadira told MTV. “He decided he wanted to get a tattoo from her and then two of the other artists decided they wanted to get one as well.”

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